Paper Partition System for Turkey


Voluntary Architects’ Network + Shigeru Ban Architects have started to provide Paper Partition System (PPS) to evacuation centers in response to Turkey-Syria earthquake. PPS is a simple partition system to ensure privacy for inhabitants in evacuation centers, and this has been used in numerous evacuation centers in regions hit by disasters such as the Great East Japan Earthquake (2011), Kumamoto Earthquake (2016), Hokkaido Earthquake (2018), and torrential rain in southern Kyushu (2020). PPS has also been installed in evacuation centers in neighboring countries of Ukraine for people who have lost their homes due to the Russian invasion in 2022.

NPO法人ボランタリー・アーキテクツ・ネットワークおよび坂茂建築設計では、トルコ・シリア地震における避難所に対して避難所用・紙の間仕切りシステム(Paper Partition System、以下PPS)の提供を開始しました。紙管でできたフレームに布を掛けてできるシンプルなパーティションで、災害時の避難所で生活する人々のプライバシーを確保するためのものです。ロシアのウクライナ侵攻(2022)による避難所で設置したほか、東日本大震災(2011)、熊本地震(2016)、北海道地震(2018)、九州南部豪雨(2020)など多くの災害で利用されています。

Voluntary Architects’ Network calls on your support in our relief.
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March 05

The installation process at the Field Hospital, Antakya.

All photos by Mauricio Morales Beltran

March 05

The installation process at IBB, Antakya.

All photos by Mauricio Morales Beltran

March 02

Installation process in Yenisehir Indoor Sports Hall, Mersin, Turkey

All photos by İrem Su Eliaçık

March 01

Paper tubes brought to Yenisehir Indoor Sports Hall, Mersin

February 28

Prototype of PPS installed in Konfida, Bursa.

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