VILLA K/ ヴィラ K

Nagano, Japan

Photo Credit: Hiroyuki Hirai

「VILLA TCG」と同様、「3枚の壁」によって構成されている。まず背後の山の力を分散させるような円弧状の壁によって空間を限定し、そこにサーキュレーションが配された直線の壁を挿入している。シリンダー状の3枚目の壁にはキッチンやパスルームが納められ、これがプラン上のすべての操作の中心になっている。

This villa is composed of three walls, similar to the villa TCG. One wall, circular, defines the interior space, to which the second-linear-wall is added, defining circulation routes (stairs and a bridge). The third wall is configured as a cylindrical core that forms the service, kitchen, and the bathroom spaces. The center of the cylinder is also the core of the design. The site is relatively flat, but the beautiful mountain scenery is partially blocked from view by the surrounding dense forest. For this reason, the entrance is built on views of the mountains. The three walls and the triangular roof are clearly articulated. The effect is emphasized by natural light streaming in through the glazed openings between the walls and roof. The large window of the living room is aligned with one side of the triangular roof, framing the view the mountain to the east.