WORKS - Paper Tube Structures

PAPER ARBOR - Nagoya, Japan, 1989


This was the first in a series of paper tube constructions. Manufactured as form work for circular concrete columns, the tubes are used structurally here. Forty-eight of these tubes (325mm in diameter, 15mm thick and 4m high) are treated with paraffin water-proofing and fitted onto a precast concrete base in a circle. These were stiffened with a glue compound and joined at their heads by a wooden compression ring. The roof consisted of tenting fabric hung from tension wire arranged in a spoke-like configuration. After the structure was dismantled, the strength of the paper tubes was analyzed. Despite being subject to six months of wind and rain, the hardening of the glue and moderate exposure to ultraviolet rays actually resulted in increasing the compressive strength of the tubes.


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