VILLA TORII/ ヴィラ トリイ

Nagano, Japan

Photo: Hiroyuki Hirai


This villa has walls on the east and west sides, leaving the north and south elevations entirely exposed to the landscape, resulting in a space that successfully harmonizes interior and exterior. The two parallel walls, conceived as blinds, are the chief structural elements here, and are designed to stand by themselves without any additional walls or braces. Laminated wood girders are fastened on top of these two walls at 875mm intervals. The unique structural method uses steel rods in a guy wire-like configuration to anchor the structure to the ground while tensioning the laminated wood beams and balancing the loads on the roof, wall and floor structure. Except for the two main walls, other elements are designed as free-form curved planes of mansonry which are arranged so as not to come in contact with the two linear walls.