WORKS - Paper Tube Structures

LIBRARY OF A POET- Zushi, Kanagawa, Japan, 1991


This library was built as an annex to a house I had previously expanded previously expanded and improved. The project was influenced by the Odawara Pavilion, which the owner had seen. He felt that a paper library would be best suited to house paper books. A variation of the paper tube truss used in the East Gate at Odawara was used here. The tubes used in the library were 100mm in diameter and 12mm thick, slightly smaller than those used at Odawara, but similarly, post-tensioned steel wires were used for the spanning sections. Where steel angles were used to form the joints at Odawara, 38 square mm timber pieces were employed for the library. The four floor to ceiling bookshelves along the sides of the room are structurally independent of the paper tubes and are cantilevered off the floor, absorbing the horizontal load. The bookshelves, which contain insulating material and have an exterior finish, were fabricated separately at a factory.


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