GC Osaka Building / GC大阪営業所ビル

Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan / 大阪府大阪市

This is an office building located in Osaka. Following a change in the Building Standard Law from specification codes to performance codes, an attempt was made to ensure the required fire resistance by covering the steel structure wood. This is a so-called “flammable barrier” design. The wood used also acts as a finish, allowing costs and resource to be minimized. Following the results of experiments, 25mm+25mm thick particle board was used. The building structure is made up of one-story-high Vierendeel trusses on every other floor which span 22 meters. Small rooms are located on the floors with trusses, and large rooms such as the showroom are placed on the column-free floors. The building has a glass curtain wall and the system used can be clearly seen even from the exterior.


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