WORKS - Paper Tube Structures

PAPER DOME - Amsterdam/Utrecht, Holland, 2003

ペーパードーム アムステルダム/ユトレヒト、オランダ、2003


外観(ユトレヒト) / Exterior(Utrecht)

内観(アムステルダム)/ Interior(Amsterdam)

外観(アムステルダム)/ Exterior(Amsterdam)

施工(アムステルダム) / Construction(Amsterdam)

施工(アムステルダム) / Construction(Amsterdam)

施工(ユトレヒト) / Construction(Utrecht)

施工(ユトレヒト) / Construction(Utrecht)

The nomadic paper dome structure is a hemispherical paper tube structure designed as a temporary theater for a mime group in Amsterdam. First was built in Amsterdam, and after moved to Utrecht. The choice for the specific materials and structure - a grid of short paper tubes held together by star shaped joints - had been determined by the temporary character of the building. The demand for easy disassembly and re-assembly, and the wish to use only affordable and re-usable materials were also taken into consideration.


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