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GC NAGOYA - Nagoya, Japan, 2004

GC 名古屋営業所

The concept was to make this dental equipment corporation office, seminar facility, and showroom as open and inviting as possible. In the neighborhood is a large dental university and hospital and the goal was to make the building accessible and easily approachable as a community space for the students and professors of those facilities. Furthermore, the building functions as a gallery, and a place of relaxation to the local neighborhood and the public. The goal was to realize these strong intentions and functions in an architectural solution.
In order to realize these functions and spaces, at the intermediate zone between the interior and exterior on the west side of the building along the main avenue, a tall space for exhibits and a seating area where one can have lunch was created. At the south end of the building is a tall atrium with growing vegetation climbing up the wall and a skylight above allowing light to come in..
The avenue and gallery facade is a three story high glass stacking shutter system and the office, seminar space, gallery, and atrium are simply separated by sliding glass doors that by opening and closing these, creates a continuity of space that can flexibly adjust to the seasons or specific occasions. The glass stacking shutters that allow the transitions of spaces was experimented previously in the Paper Art Museum, and the Shutter House for a Photographer and further continues in the design of the Centre Pompidou Metz.


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