WORKS - Houses and Housings

DORMITORY H - Fukushima, Japan, 2006

社員寮 H

The site for the ‘Company Dormitory’ is located next to the ‘Residence in Iwaki in Fukushima Prefecture of Northeastern Honshu, Japan. The program is 23 single-room apartments and a guest room, a common area, and parking spaces for all residents. The parti is defined with parking spaces and the common area on the first floor, and all? residential spaces on the second floor. The structure is organized by two Vierendeel trusses arranged in parallel that support a series of secondary trusses that make up a rhythm of walls. The second floor volume floats above on only 8 columns and creates a very open atmosphere for the common area below. The common area consists of open living and dining areas, adjacent to a full-size kitchen and a private meeting space. The glass enclosed space is has a ten panel sliding glass door which opens out to a covered terrace and private gardenscape. The apartments are playfully arranged at the outer edge of the large rectangular volume to create a series of interior courtyards of varying sizes as private community spaces that are shared by the residents.
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