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PAPERTAINER MUSEUM - Seoul, Korea, 2006


This is a temporary exhibition pavilion created for the celebration of the 30th year anniversary of the Korean publisher Design House.
The given site is found in the Olympic Park in Seoul, Korea. It is surrounded by a forest and a round pass, with a big sculpture in the middle. Such condition creates the shape of the letter ‘D’ in plan view, which coincidentally also represents the initial of the company 'Design House'.
In this pavilion, two types of gallery spaces are requested: a gallery to hang large photos and a multi-purpose space. The front part of the pavilion, called the Container Gallery, is defined by two parallel walls each approximately 10 meters high. Each wall is made in a checker-board composition using 10 feet shipping containers, whereby 40 feet long shipping containers rest atop the two walls as cross beams to cover the gallery space below. The first row container wall is used as exhibition booths and the second row container wall is used as office and storage spaces. The Semi Circular Pavilion, called the Paper Gallery, is composed of two circular walls made of paper tube posts. Each post is 75 cm in diameter, which support a roof truss made also out of paper tubes, 30 cm in diameter.

Partnership with KACI International


設計協力:KACI International


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