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女川町町民野球場仮設住宅 紙のアトリエ - 宮城県女川町

Photo by Hiroyuki Hirai

Photo by Hiroyuki Hirai

This atelier was designed to be donated to Onagawa town, Miyagi prefecture, by Japanese painter Hiroshi Senju. The site was made available by stacking the container temporary housing, on an existing baseball field. The sloped structural frame is composed of 336mm diameter paper tubes with wood joints, 10 frames spaced 1.2m apart. Shelves are provided between each of these frames, which can be used for storage as well as for display. The backboard of the shelves prevents deformation of the frame. Corrugated polycarbonate sheets make up the exterior of the atelier, with a high side window along the north face to allow soft, natural light to enter.



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