Le Consortium / ル・コンソーシアム

Dijon, France / ディジョン、フランス

The Consortium is an underground contemporary art gallery, located inDijon. The “consortium factory” project consists in the rehabilitation and the extension of an existing factory in order to increase the exposition surface. The trapezoidal shapes terrain is a wedge in the heart of a residential neighbourhood. The only access to the site is between an apartment building and the perimeter wall of an individual house. The main “urban” goal of the project is to coil the extension around the factory and a courtyard in order to emphasize the existing building through the contrast with the new one. The existing factory is composed of two wings placed perpendicularly from one another along the east and south limits. The project responds to this existing perpendicular with another one composed of two wings, one along the north side and the other one perpendicular to it. This position allows us to create a courtyard to access the gallery and an “atrium” courtyard in the heart of the building. The first courtyard is a consequence of the restricted access through the street and it creates a free space, a small square through which everybody goes whatever their activity might be. The second courtyard, the atrium, is a gallery in itself and is located in the heart of the project.

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