Parc Funéraire / パーク・フュネレール

Paris, France / パリ, フランス



庭に面したセレモニールームの木の箱には個々に独立した入り口と待合いが用意されており、それぞれの家族が他のグループと交わること無く集えるよう動線が計画されている。 内部空間はへは天井から自然光が柔らかく滲み、故人を偲ぶ尊い空間を創り上げている。 

This project is a proposal for a funeral competition by Paris City facing a chronic shortage of crematoriums. A shell-like concrete structure was proposed for the prevention of severe noise problem caused by the périphérique (ring road) on the north side of the site. The garden creates a silence for visitors to gradually approach to a sacred space with spiritual purification. The four ceremony rooms have their own separate entrances facing to the garden, enabling each family to participate the ceremony without being interfered by other groups. The concrete shell is cast with a traditional wooden formwork; the frame remains as a main structure of the building, creating warmth and order in the space. Bricks are piled one by one on the concrete shell by man’s hands, symbolizing the daily accumulation of life.

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