New Headquarters for Swatch, New Production Buildings for Omega
スウォッチ・オメガ 新本社

Biel(Bienne), Switzerland / ビール(ビエンヌ)、スイス

Full model / 全体模型 Swatch Headquarter and Swatch-Omega Museum / オメガ本社とスウォッチ・オメガ・ミュージアムA flowing timber grid-shell roof that unites two structures / 巨大な木造のグリッドシェル屋根がミュージアムの上に覆いかぶさっている
Interior of the Swatch Headquarter / スウォッチ本社内観
The decorative wooden cross beams / ロゴをかたどった十字の筋交い
Omega Production Buildings / オメガ生産施設

This project is an extension to the main campus of two major watch makers of Switzerland; Swatch and Omega. The site is located in the center of the watch manufacturing district, in the city of Biel (Bienne). This project will become the new headquarters for Swatch along with the production facility for Omega, and also provide additional office space and a museum. The Swatch building will be more of an organic form, with a wooden grid shell structure, while the Omega building will be more rigid and formal, expressing the verticality and horizontality of post and beam construction. Both buildings reflect the culture, spirit, and identity of each corporation.