Ile Seguin "Cité Musicale" Competition / セガン島 『シテ・ミュージカル』コンペ

Shigeru Ban Architects Europe + Jean de Gastines Architectes
île Seguin, Boulogne-Billancourt, France / パリ郊外、フランス

This project is for a multi-purpose hall and classical music hall complex, located on Seguin Island in the western suburbs of Paris. A concrete wall defines the perimeter of the site along the water’s edge, and set within is the large multi-purpose hall, surrounded by lush green landscape. As the perimeter wall eventually diminishes towards the leading edge of the site, the hexagonal wooden grid shell structure of the classical music hall emerges. Surrounding the grid shell structure is a large triangular solar panel mast, effectively generating energy for the entire complex, as well as provides a shield for the lobby façade behind. This environmentally friendly mast will ultimately become the new monument and identity for the complex.